Interpersonal Relationship Enhancement

Therapy For Relationship Enhancement

You might be dissatisfied with your relationships at home, work, school and other social settings.

These may include intimate, familial, casual or co-dependent interpersonal relationships.

Those around you may react or treat you negatively and the cause is not always realized.

Humans are relational beings who have the need to be with others who provide positive and meaningful experiences.

At times, the experiences become invalidating and adverse, setting the stage for hurt, and ultimately a failed relationship.

I can help you unpack these scenarios by moving you through a process of developing self-awareness, and how thoughts, emotions and behaviors contribute to interpersonal relationships.

The therapeutic relationship is part of interpersonal relationship enhancement. I am taking note of how you are relating to me and vice versa. Sessions are a good way for “here and now work.”

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  • 120 per 55-minute session for therapy
  • 140 for Initial Assessment


  • Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP)
  • Medicare Part B